ISAL19 – OLED Light Technology and the Cars of Tomorrow

October 3, 2019

OLEDWorks joins some of the brightest minds in automotive engineering and technology for ISAL 2019

The International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL) was held September 24-25, 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany. OLEDWorks was proud to attend the event, and was grateful to have Audi team members in our booth including Stephan Berlitz, Dr. Michael Kruppa, and Dr. Wolfgang Huhn.

The Big Picture

In this video, watch Audi’s Dr. Kruppa and Mr. Berlitz discuss how the innovative properties of OLED light panels, such as segmentation and flexibility, present incredible possibilities in the realm of automotive design and safety. Dave DeJoy, CEO of OLEDWorks, elaborates on the applications of Amber panels in healthcare and the adaptability of OLED light technology to work in both the general and automotive lighting sectors.

The Set Up

OLEDWorks arrives the day before the conference begins so they can set up their booth. From a blank canvas to a place that attendees are excited to visit, it took a lot of advance planning! But the end result was great, and served as our home for the next two days.

OLEDWorks team getting booth ready for ISAL 2019

OLEDWorks team getting booth ready for ISAL 2019

Booth under construction at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

Finished OW Booth at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

The Demonstrations

STMicroelectronics and Audi presented some of the innovations possible with the uniform homogeneity and segmentation of OLED panels. Audi’s demonstration shows the possibility of using OLED light to create an exciting three-dimensional structure, while STMicroelectronics illuminates the power of their drivers. With these small but powerful light sources and drivers, the possibilities for design are endless.

Demonstration of Audi OLED Taillights at ISAL 19 | OLEDWorks

The Visitors

Of course, the conference would be nothing without the visitors who came by our booth! We were so honored and excited by the interest that was shown in our technology during the two day conference. We received a lot of excited questions from visitors at the booth, and we did our best to make sure everyone had a better understanding of OLED light for automotive lighting before they left!

Crowded booth at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

Dr. Michael Kruppa interviewed in OLEDWorks booth at ISAL 2019

Audi’s Dr. Michael Kruppa interviewed in OLEDWorks booth at ISAL 2019

Visitors exploring ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

The Wrap-Up

After a very successful few days, the OLEDWorks team and all of those who helped us with our booth and with presentations began to say their goodbyes. The last team pictures were taken. The last few visitors’ hands were shaken. Thank you ISAL, Audi, STMicroelectronics, and everyone involved for such a phenomenal conference! We are eagerly looking forward to ISAL 2020!

Wolfang Görgen after OLEDWorks wins Best Social Media award at ISAL 2019

The conference holds one last exciting moment – The OLEDWorks team wins the award for Best Social Media Coverage at ISAL 2019

OLEDWorks and Audi Team at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

Team from Audi, OLEDWorks and STMicroelectronics at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks



Deconstructed booth at ISAL 2019 | OLEDWorks

And with the tearing down of our booth, ISAL 2019 comes to a close

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