Light art in the smallest space

December 11, 2018

By the OLED UX Team

Lighting up large spaces is a challenge. However, it isn’t any easier to create lighting solutions and installations for a very small space that harmoniously fit into the existing environment and, in addition, complement the architecture and aesthetics of the object.

As a well-known artist and lighting designer, Thomas Emde gladly accepted the challenge to develop a light installation for the stairwell of a private residential building in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Together with his team at the EMDE development of light, he designed a light installation that perfectly complemented the existing design of the elegantly curved staircase and matching wall concept.

The challenge was to develop a solution that, without interfering with the existing structure in a very limited space, achieved a harmonious lighting which followed the course of the staircase. For this purpose, a unique modular system was developed with the pioneering OLED lighting technology.

The light installation consists of 24 round OLED panels from OLEDWorks which are attached to aluminum bars. The flexible attachment of the OLEDs allows the individual setting of light accents and can thus follow the harmonic sweep of the stairs. Its soft, glare-free illumination, combined with its other special features made OLED the ideal light source for this project. Due to the extremely flat design, it was possible to achieve a large light output in a small space, without being intrusive.

Another advantage of the OLED lighting solution is the possibility to replace each of the 24 OLEDs, individually, without needing to replace the entire fixture.

The result is a perfect combination of sustainability, technology and aesthetics.

Two OLED light fixtures in the stairwell of a private residential building OLED light installation with round OLEDs in the stairwell of a private residential building


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