OLED Lighting Guide for Automotive Manufacturers

July 24, 2023

OLEDWorks’ OLED lighting technology is expanding the possibilities that lighting provides for automotive manufacturers. But how do you get started working with this new technology? What do you need to know before incorporating OLED lighting into your product roadmap?

In our new OLED Lighting Guide for Automotive Manufacturers, we have created a resource that informs automakers and lighting suppliers of what they should expect when working with OLED lighting and provides guidelines for integrating OLEDs into their products. This guide includes information on:

  • OLED Structure
  • Design Rules
  • Driver Recommendations
  • Mechanical Integration
  • ESD
  • And the OLEDWorks’ Joint Development Program

Using this guide, manufacturers can educate themselves on the unique characteristics of this technology and prepare to design beautiful, functional, and dynamic OLED lighting products.

Download the Guide