[On-Demand Webinar] Adaptive OLED Lighting for Increased Safety and Personalization

June 19, 2023

In 10 minutes, Dr. Kathleen Vaeth concisely explains how OLED lighting technology is increasing safety and branding potential on the road


Watch the Webinar

As technology has evolved and become increasingly integrated within automotive systems, lighting continues to lead the way for innovation, furthering safety functionality and branding capabilities. Inorganic LED technology helped usher in the age of advanced headlight functionality, while the distinct shape of lighting elements and their features has been used for decades to set manufacturers apart and create unique brand identities. The advent of OLED lighting technology further builds on these trends in rear lighting and interior applications.

Join Dr. Kathleen Vaeth in this short webinar as she explains how OLED lighting technology allows for increased safety on the road and increases personalization and branding potential.

This webinar explores:

  • How OLED lighting is used today
  • How OLED lighting can be used tomorrow
  • Safety benefits of adaptive OLED lighting
  • Branding opportunities that OLED lighting offers carmakers