OLED Technology Summit – OLED PLANET

November 5, 2018

by the OLED UX Team

OLEDWorks has participated since the beginning at the OLED Technologies Summit and was thrilled to be part of this major event again this year. The summit took place October 25 – 26 in Berlin, Germany’s epicenter of startups and innovation. This conference brings together some of the major players along the value chain in the OLED industry – display and lighting – including material manufacturers, researchers, tool makers, OLED display and lighting manufacturers as well as partners from the automotive and packaging industry. Everyone showcased promising OLED technology and exciting new applications.

It’s always exciting and inspiring to leave your own OLED “planet” to meet like-minded people and explore beyond your own frontier. Sometimes when you are in your “own world”, you don’t interact and benefit from all the others that are pioneers, believers, and ambassadors that are equally excited about displays and lighting technology for OLEDs. Are they confronted with the same challenges or are they faced with totally different ones? What are their strategies to advance OLED technology? What kind of great OLED products will we see? Automotive, Display, VR Glasses, Lighting, Printing for Manufacturing, and more.

I see two reasons why such conferences are crucial and can influence us in driving our next steps:

  1. Cross-industrial awareness for OLED Technology
  2. Opportunity to exchange thoughts and brainstorm new ideas with all relevant people in the OLED industry and learn from each other!

And what would even improve this conference and others?

  • If we invite creative professionals like architects and lighting designers, we would get more inspirational insights about OLED lighting applications.
  • Invite end users as well and debate together over their challenges. Share creative ideas and thoughts and find out how OLEDs could generate something meaningful for them.
  • Addressing the healthy dimension of OLED lighting and the positive general impact of OLEDs on our circadian rhythm and eye safety. This is more important today, more than ever, and we need to know how can light tremendously affect our health and well-being.

Lighting in our lives is more than a necessity, it is now an element of our lives that has many choices for improvement. Not just from a design standpoint anymore, but now from the quality of light we expose ourselves to. Looking forward to next year!

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