Our Journey to Facilitating the Best OLED Light Experience for You

January 16, 2019

By the OLED UX Team

With the bourgeoning interest in OLED lighting has come a cornucopia of questions from every corner of the lighting industry. The pace of new perspectives and inquiry is exciting. Every interaction reminds us how unique our lights really are. How “wowed” people are when they get their first taste of the bright lights at OLEDWorks. At the same time, every question has been a good swift kick for us to be even more facile and responsive in curating the OLED experience.

Are we paying attention? You bet we are! Guido Olbertz (GO), Europe, and Giana Phelan (GP), North America, reflect upon their new respective roles as Director, OLED UX.

UX: “User experience” encompasses all facets of interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

GO:  The concept of UX fits exactly into the journey we must take to elucidate the OLED advantage. It is an exciting journey that will lead us to new roads as we embrace the totality of UX, supporting our customers from ideation through realization.

GP: The elements of UX – trust, clarity, simplicity, delight, value – are characteristics that have been the bedrock of OLEDWorks from the beginning. This is who we are, how we work, and what we bring to our customer relationships. This is the basis behind our commercialization of the worlds’ best OLED lighting products.

GO:  Yes, our OLED’s surpass all contenders in the standard lighting metrics. Surely, these numbers are important, and we have been focused on developing new technology motivated by these lighting parameters. This has been an extraordinary achievement. But decision making is based on so much more – experience is fundamental. At OLEDWorks we not only work with OLED panels, but we work under OLED light. What a treat that is!  An experience that needs to be shared to inform lighting decisions.

GP:  So true!  And there are so many touchpoints in the lighting industry, so many voices in this decision-making process. Designers, architects, contractors, property owners, facilities, luminaire manufacturers, and the list goes on. Each brings a unique perspective encompassing the pragmatic such as installation and maintenance to the creative quintessence of defining space. On this journey that you described, we are privileged to listen and learn from each interaction, giving challenge, vitality and urgency to our own paradigms.

GO:  Increasingly, as the metrics speak for themselves, my interactions with clients have a more personal scope. How do you feel under OLED light? What is your impression when you relax under an OLED luminaire? Is lighting only an illumination of a space or is it an influencer of emotion, community, productivity? Truly lighting is a personal experience, a human experience.

GP:  Great point, Guido. As a technology lighting can be complex to understand, but as an experience lighting speaks for itself, or shall I say, it “illuminates”!  OLEDWorks’ lighting delivers a soft but bright light, like no other solution, and is the very definition of simplicity. This simplicity is both intriguing and inspirational to the mosaic of decision influencers! It is our responsibilities as stewards of UX to facilitate their vision.

GO:  I look at our new positions as Director of OLED UX, Europe and North America respectively, as an opportunity to take a step back, reassess how we create the user experience, and redefine how we engage and support our customers. This is the first stage on our new journey.

GP:  I gladly take this journey with you, with confidence knowing that we are traveling on our company’s foundation of technical leadership and unwavering integrity.


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