Why I Love When Lighting Industry Pros Drop By for the OLED Light Experience

January 30, 2019

By the OLED UX Team

It happened twice last week. Those little unplanned interactions that start with curiosity or exploration and end up sprouting a vast array of new ideas and exploding possibilities.

First, the owner of a residential custom lighting manufacturer stopped in. A focus on landscape, but also broadening interior portfolio, he came because the simplicity and elegance of the OLED panel segued perfectly into his vision of minimal but high-quality light. His view of sustainable design, uncompromising on light experience, with a stake to develop and manufacture in the US ignited his interest. Next thing we knew he had a bunch of components from a box in his car and was energetically cobbling design options, on-the-spot creativity.

Our second visitor was on more of a mission. His residential client had experienced OLED lighting in a financial office and just loved it. Wanted it! This contractor was new to OLED and when he entered one of our OLED lit meeting rooms, stopped in his tracks and said, “Now I get it, this light quality really is fantastic. Never seen anything like this”.

When Lighting Professionals Experience OLED Panels for the First Time…

These impromptu queries have a common trajectory. First, the wonder of holding a lit OLED panel – tactile response to its simplicity – the thinness, lightweight, low heat.

Next, as our guest turns the panel about, we can see the imagination take off and the recognition that they are holding a new lighting paradigm, a new way to design.  It really is like a light going on overhead, pardon the pun.

Then, watch out! I ready myself to be bombarded by questions, by enthusiasm, by excitement.

What driver options would work for my application? We can recommend.

How do I mount it?  What are you trying to do, your concept, our know-how.

No heatsink??  Yep, no heatsink.

Can I get parts right now?  What do you need?

Can I put two back to back?  Usually, let’s talk.

Can I put a stencil on top?  Yes.

I have a mix of high and low ceilings, what do I need?  Our luminaire manufacturer partners have fixtures that will delight.

How did you make the light quality bright, yet soft?  Secret sauce.

So, is the implementation as easy as it seems?  It is! Low voltage, simplicity.

And so it goes.  It is amazing how every question triggers, for us, a new way to look at, understand and appreciate our own product.

Where Are the Luminaire Manufacturer and Contractor Now?

Our first visitor purchased samples on the spot and reported the next day that he tested them out in his kitchen, under the cabinets, “just to see”. Loved it. And he is off and running with his ideas for light fixtures and solutions. A day later, the contractor drop-by had two modules in hand, a plethora of luminaire design options, and was fully positioned to meet his client’s vision.

At this point, if you’re a lighting designer, architect, or other lighting industry professional, you’ve probably heard about OLED light, and its simplistic qualities. But have you held the panels in your hands? Have you felt just how lightweight and thin they are? Do you want to?

Come on in, experience OLED lighting, be amazed…excuse me, got to go, there is someone at the door!


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