[DVN Interview] Valeo to Capitalize on OLED Leadership to Create Mass Adoption

September 27, 2022

President of Valeo’s Visibility Systems business group discusses automotive lighting with Driving Vision News

Valeo, one of the Tier 1 lighting suppliers for the recently updated Audi A8, was featured in an interview with Driving Vision News (DVN). In the interview, Maurizio Martinelli, President of Valeo’s Visibility Systems business group, discusses the future of automotive lighting and highlights his enthusiasm for OLED lighting digitalization and personalization.

Below is an excerpt from the interview on automotive OLED lighting technology.

DVN: Are there new trends at the rear of the vehicle and rear lamps?

M.M: We see a clear move to digitalisation where the rear lighting is also used to communicate with the environment. In this domain, we are among the leaders on personalisation and welcome solutions thanks to the OLED technology. We will capitalise on this OLED leadership to create mass adoption.

Read the full interview at DVN