Audi, Rivian, and TechEnable Interviewed in OLEDWorks’ Booth at ISAL 2023

November 15, 2023

At this year’s International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL), OLEDWorks was thrilled to welcome members of Audi, Rivian, and TechEnable to our booth. While there, our friends were able to shine some light on what they think about OLED lighting and what it’s like working with OLEDWorks on automotive OLED lighting solutions.

Dr. Michael Kruppa, Audi

As long-term collaborators with OLEDWorks on commercializing OLED lighting for the road, Audi once again visited our booth and allowed us to show off their new Q6 e-tron demonstrator which will hit the roads soon. Dr. Michael Kruppa, Head of Front Light Development, comments on how OLEDWorks has grown from their first time at ISAL and shares his thoughts for what comes next in automotive OLED lighting.

Simon Baker, Rivian

Visiting the OLEDWorks booth for the first time was Simon Baker, Principal Lighting Engineer – Advanced Development and Innovation at Rivian. We were able to ask Simon what he thought of the benefits that OLED lighting could offer to Rivian’s customers and share what it has been like to work with OLEDWorks.

Parveen Satija, TechEnable

As innovators and leaders in India’s automotive industry, TechEnable has worked closely with OLEDWorks for several years. Parveen Satija, Director, was able to join us at ISAL 2023 to explain what makes OLED lighting so exciting to work with and what sets OLEDWorks’ products apart from competitors.

OLED Technology Shines Bright

Alongside our guests and their insightful commentary, the best of OLED technology was on display. From the Audi Q6 e-tron demonstrator to new panel shapes and segmentation styles, OLED lighting was able to shine bright and illustrate the continued evolution of the technology to offer increased options and design possibilities to manufacturers.

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