OLED Light Has Come of Age

July 30, 2019

OLED has transformed from the promise of a “maybe someday” light source to an important, mature technology

By David Shiller, Lighting Solution Development

For years, the lighting trade press has been comfortable describing OLED as a ‘potential’ competitor in the lighting market, someday in the future. They argued that LED is cheaper and gives more lumens per watt than OLED.  However, substantial resources have been allocated over the last few years to the research and development of OLED light technology, which has resulted in an advanced light source with performance characteristics that LED can’t match.

At a time of growing health concerns over blue light’s impact on our bodies’ circadian rhythms and our ability to fall asleep, the demand for a healthier indoor light source is increasing. OLED light has no blue light risk, and is a naturally diffuse source, without glare, making it an optimal light source for lighting in homes, offices, and other spaces where the light is typically placed close to people.

Here are four more signs that OLED light has truly come of age:

  1. Corning has invested heavily in OLED technology with their collaboration on the LumiCurve Wave, the first flexible OLED lighting panel built on Corning’s Willow Glass.
  2. OLED is now being integrated into automobiles, including Audi’s advanced tail light development using OLEDWorks panels.
  3. Acuity Brands, the largest luminaire manufacturer in North America, has inked an exclusivity deal with OLEDWorks to expand Acuity’s OLED product portfolio.
  4. OLEDWorks has just announced its Channel Partner Program. This program offers a strategic business collaboration between luminaire manufacturers and OLEDWorks’ technical, marketing, and sales teams. The OLEDWorks Channel Partner Program demonstrates a new level of market maturity for OLED technology. Learn more about the Channel Partner Program.

Now that OLED has come of age, expect to see a lot more OLED luminaires coming to market in up-scale hospitality, healthcare, and residential lighting applications.

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