Rochester-based Nadarra Lighting, Ready to Sell Decorative OLED Light Fixtures as a Channel Partner of OLEDWorks

February 19, 2020

Rochester partnerships have led to the first OLED lighting fixture manufacturer and designer in North America, that is exclusively dedicated to developing fixtures which use OLED light source(s). Nadarra has designed and manufactured decorative OLED light fixtures geared towards the hospitality industry, which are now available for purchase.

Nadarra Lighting (“Nadarra”), a start-up lighting designer and manufacturer, headquartered in Rochester, NY, has developed modern, eye-catching, decorative light fixtures, geared towards the hospitality industry, which utilize OLED light panels.

Nadarra CIRQ Fixture in White

Nadarra made a conscious decision to utilize OLED light panels, due to the technology’s wellness component. The formation of this new company leverages partnerships in Rochester’s backyard. Nadarra will source its OLED light panels exclusively from OLEDWorks, LLC (“OLEDWorks”), as a member of their Channel Partner Program. The Channel Partner Program provides early adopters expanded access to OLEDWorks’ OLED light technology, engineering mindshare, marketing and sales advocacy, and more. Nadarra is among the first companies in the United States, exclusively dedicated to manufacturing decorative light fixtures that use OLED light panels.

“Nadarra Lighting was an early adopter of OLED light and has an impressive portfolio of OLED luminaires,” says John Rubens, Vice President of Customer Success at OLEDWorks. “We’ve always believed in the potential for OLED applications in the hospitality space, and Nadarra has brought that belief to life. We’re excited to see what we can do together this year as our partnership expands, and they develop new fixtures in unique designs.”

Nadarra has designed and manufactured specification-grade, decorative OLED light fixtures, geared towards the hospitality industry, with plans to expand product and market offerings in upcoming years. The company is focused on the health and wellness of light. Nadarra believes that light needs to be understood as something that can directly impact emotional and physical well-being. With health and wellness being a main component of the hospitality and tourism market, Nadarra saw a need to develop light fixtures that could assist interior designers, architects, owner/operators, and other key hospitality personnel, to bring health and wellness to their guests, through light design. OLED technology poses no blue light risk to your eyes, and is circadian rhythm friendly, leading to better overall health and well-being. The company has future plans to target other health and wellness industries, such as senior living, and long-term care facilities.

Nadarra BLOQ Fixture in Black

In addition to the health and wellness of light, Nadarra is passionate about the creative freedom that OLED’s unique form factor brings to interior designers, architects and other professionals in the hospitality industry. All of Nadarra’s current OLED light fixtures are designed to behave as eye-catching focal points within a space. Nadarra believes that OLED technology, and LED technology can work well together. That the combination of the two will provide for an unforgettable end-user experience. By utilizing Nadarra’s OLED light fixtures, alongside LED ambient lighting, designers now have another tool to address issues with light, and enhance the customer/guest experience.

Bill McDonnell, founder of Nadarra Lighting is passionate about creating a commercial space for OLED light technology. Bill states:

“Lighting impacts us in so many ways throughout our day. We need to be aware of how light impacts us beyond allowing us to see, but how it impacts our emotional well-being. Believe it or not, lighting is very personal and needs to be viewed and applied in our life that way. We design light fixtures, which utilize OLED technology, so we can be a lighting solution that not only looks good, but also makes you feel good.”

The Formation of Nadarra comes as OLED technology continues to gain traction in the market. New research and development is allowing for continued advancement in streamlining processes and procedures, and ultimately leading to a lower price point. OLED was first invented at Kodak in 1987 by chemists Ching W. Tang and Steven Van Slyke. In recent years, OLEDWorks has been an industry leader in continued research and advancement in the OLED field. “It was an obvious choice to exclusively partner with OLEDWorks for our OLED light panels,” states McDonnell.  “Not only are they the industry leader, producing the highest quality OLED light panels in the world, they are a true story of entrepreneurship and teamwork, right in Rochester.”

About Nadarra Lighting

Nadarra Lighting

Nadarra Lighting is headquartered in downtown Rochester, New York.  The company has an in-depth focus on the health and wellness of light, selling decorative OLED light fixtures that look and feel good. Nadarra’s OLED light fixtures are geared towards the commercial industry, and more specifically the hospitality industry.  Those interested in learning more about Nadarra and OLED technology can visit the company’s website at For more information, industry updates, and advancements in OLED technology, follow Nadarra on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.