New IEC 62471 test reports available

July 18, 2017

OLED light as an eyecatcher.

Light affects our mood, improves our well-being and enables us to experience and achieve more.

But OLED light does even more. Unlike LEDs, OLEDWorks Lumiblade white OLED panels emit non UV or IR light, and have very low output for blue wavelengths associated with photobiological risks. The amber panels have no blue content at all! These products reflect OLEDWorks’ leadership in healthy lighting. At OLEDWorks, we invest our daily work in your health by developing state of the art OLED Lighting.

The spectra of our OLED panels clearly show the advantage. However, an unbiased third party test report support the conclusions. According to these IEC 62471 results, our OLEDWorks Brite panels are photobiological safe and are exempt from any risk of hazards for the human skin and eye.


To learn more about the results of these tests have a look at the full test reports here