OLED ceiling lamps “Samantha” in the Nilufar Gallery, Milan

April 5, 2017

In the historic spaces on Via della Spiga, Nilufar Gallery presents an important solo exhibition by a personality who can be considered the father of Brazilian design: Joaquim Tenreiro. The selection of over 40 pieces by the designer sheds light on Tenreiro’s pioneering role in the field of Brazilian modernism.This year there are over 40 items, furniture and lights produced as editions by the gallery, including works by 12 new designers who have interpreted the personality of the Nilufar collection for the first time. Every creation has been chosen for its unique character, often enhanced by new technologies and research in the field of unusual materials, giving the projects not only great aesthetic and artistic value, but also a remarkable level of functional innovation.

2 of these 12 designers are Francesco Faccin and Francesco Meda. Their collaboration has generated the Samantha lamps, two projects that stand out for a spirit of innovation and technological experimentation. The projects, whose name is a tribute to the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, have a circular form in stainless steel with a shiny surface that reflects the surrounding space, creating an unexpected effect and making this object a lively, brilliant presence. The light sources are our FL300 OLED panels, opening up utterly innovative scenarios in the design and use of light.

The Nilufar Depot is open from 4 to 9 April 10am – 8pm. Viale Lancetti 34, 20158 Milan.


OLED ceiling lamps "Samantha" in the Nilufar Gallery, Milan


OLED ceiling lamps "Samantha" in the Nilufar Gallery, Milan