OLEDWorks Listed as one of EdisonReport’s Top 10 Must See List

May 7, 2018

OLEDWorks Brite 3 Family of OLED Products Receive Top 10 MUST SEE Award by EdisonReport

May 16, 2018: ROCHESTER, N.Y.-OLEDWorks, the leading OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company, is pleased to announce that its Brite 3 Family of OLED products, including the newly released OLEDSurface Module and BendOLED Curve, has been selected as a Top 10 Must SEE product by EdisonReport.  The announcement was formally made at LIGHTFAIR last week, held in Chicago, IL.

“The latest addition of the Brite 3 to OLEDWorks’ portfolio of products represents a significant advancement for OLED lighting,” said Ron Schimmelpfenning, Vice President of Custom Architectural Lighting Solutions, Acuity Brands. “Now, luminaires can feature the superior quality of OLED light with little sacrifice in efficacy or lifetime. The inherent ability of the Brite 3 to tune the brightness to the luminaire and its application is an added benefit enabling new dimensions of design freedom.”

Each Spring the EdisonReport evaluates products and services from all Tier 1, most Tier II, and some Tier III companies within the lighting industry, and chooses the Top 10 MUST SEE list.  This year’s Top 10 list focuses on revolutionary products that will be viable in the marketplace.  The one recurring theme is that these products will help bring profitability back to the lighting industry.

New product launches are one of the biggest draws of LIGHTFAIR for the lighting industry, as LIGHTFAIR is the premier platform for North American product introductions.  With the launch of so many new products during LIGHTFAIR, the EdisonReport has traditionally highlighted what they believe are the “Top 10 MUST SEE” products or services and this year OLEDWorks’ Brite 3 Family of OLED products was selected as part of their list.

EdisonReport’s 2018 Judges were Dan Blitzer of The Practical Lighting Workshop, Anne Cheney of MLF Design and Jim Yorgey of Lutron.

With the Brite 3 suite of products, OLEDWorks maintains industry leadership in OLED lighting brightness, efficiency, and lifetime.  At 85 lumens per watt, the OLED runs at even lower temperatures allowing customers to marry the Brite 3 light engines with a wide range of materials such as wood and textile – elegant solutions that are not encumbered by heatsinks.  Lifetimes up to 100,000 hours, L70, exceed market expectations.  With the luminous flux of up to 300 lumens, the Brite 3 products are still the brightest OLED panels commercially available.

Brite 3 is available in 4 different sizes including the first ever conformable panel (BendOLED Curve), which uses Corning® Willow® Glass-based substrates and is bendable up to a radius of less than 10cm.  In addition, OLEDWorks has responded to customer demand by adding a round panel to its product portfolio.  This portfolio enrichment includes ease-of-use with the integrated OLEDSurface Module, a “ready-to-install” thin, comfortable and glare-free light source developed in collaboration with the driver and component experts at LED Specialists and supported by NYSERDA.

To view the full Top 10 MUST SEE products please visit here.

About OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks’ mission is to empower inspired customers through pioneering development and manufacture of the world’s best and most affordable OLED lighting devices. Creating world-class, cost-effective solutions requires an entirely new approach that breaks from traditional OLED manufacturing paradigms. With production in Aachen, Germany and in Rochester, New York, OLEDWorks boasts two innovative and complementary manufacturing platforms that deliver affordable OLED solid state lighting panels. OLEDWorks is uniquely positioned to offer volume production while expanding product portfolio to enhance design inspiration.

The team is comprised of global OLED pioneers and manufacturing experts. As key inventors, innovators, and implementers for the processes and equipment that manufactured the world’s first active matrix OLED display and the highest brightness light panel, OLEDWorks has significant OLED production experience and unique insight into manufacturing strategies specifically tailored to lighting. For further information please have a look on www.oledworks.com

Plaque by the EdisonReport announcing OLEDWorks as one of the Top 10 Must See Products

Plaque by the EdisonReport announcing OLEDWorks as one of the Top 10 Must See Products