Healthy and Earth-friendly — OLED is the Future of Lighting

May 27, 2020

By Nick Swancott, Marketing Specialist

Video created by OLEDWorks for the 2020 International Day of Light

In 2015, the United Nations observed the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, to raise awareness surrounding how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide global solutions to complex challenges. Under the guidance of UNESCO, it was decided that each year on May 16th, the International Day of Light would carry on the tradition begun in 2015.

A sustainable light source that aligns itself with the ideals of UNESCO, Organic LED (OLED) is the future of lighting. In an era of human-centric lighting, OLEDWorks provides healthy, earth-friendly lighting, all in an ultra-thin, lightweight package.

Human-Centric Lighting

Rated as exempt of all photo-biological risk associated with blue light, OLED lighting provides a healthy light experience. The Lambertian quality means that OLED is also glare-free, which eases the strain of harsh, direct lighting on the eyes. Its full spectrum, diffuse lighting creates a rich color experience and eliminates harsh shadows — all for a harmonious and healthy space.


OLED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting sources, leading to less energy consumption over its lifetime. When it comes time for replacement, OLED panels are easily recyclable, made of nearly 100% glass and free of toxic substances such as mercury. But with a lifetime of 100,000 hours, replacement isn’t something that needs to be worried about for a long while.

Inspiring the Next Great Design

An OLED light engine is thinner than a single human hair. Without having to navigate the bulk necessary in other lighting solutions (from heatsinks, diffusers, and other additional components), OLED lighting can create superior lighting performance in revolutionarily thin luminaires. And with the advent of flexible OLED lighting with the LumiCurve Wave, the possibilities for OLED design are limited only by imagination.

With OLEDWorks’ OLED light technology, the future of lighting is available today. A healthy, eco-friendly light that inspires. How will OLED light inspire you?

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