Light + Building 2016 – Re-Cap

March 11, 2016

Please see the below posts from the Light + Build Fair at the Frankfurt Fair & Convention Center. Thank you to everyone who made our booth/presentation such a tremendous success.

Update 13

Our Light + Building Video Compilation on YouTube

Update 12

left: OLED pendant LIMIT by Visa Lighting right: visitors at OLEDWorks booth at Light and Building

Left: Visa Lighting LIMIT Luminaire display.

Right: Busy at the panel display.

Update 11


Left: Last day of fair.  Enjoying a bite to eat in the sunny courtyard.

Right: Beautiful view of the OLEDWorks booth. Lots of activity!

Update 10


Left: The oh!Led by Eden uses Brite Lumiblade in exquisite simplicity.

Right: Emde Designs beautiful OMLED family

Update 9


Left: Osram OLED for tail lights.

Right: Taking time out to sing Happy Birthday to our coworker, Olga, back in Aachen

Update 8


Left: Big event co-hosted at the Light + Build Luminale. Hatec designed installation with 1200 Lumiblade panels.

Right: Exciting future. Developing flexible OLED with Corning Willow™ glass

Update 7


Left: Some information from the Merck booth

Right: OLED participants gather in Merck booth for evening celebration. Artists Siegrun Appelt and Michael Muller sharing their installation and their appreciation of the wonderful light quality of OLED. They expressed that OLED light as an architectural material is vital light.

Update 6


Left: Merck, an OLED material supplier celebrates the beauty of OLED with a unique artistic impression

Right: Busy booth today. Everyone checking out the new Brite products

Update 5


Left: Our Lumiblade panels in innovative products at the Belux booth

Right: The Capio Luminaire by Regiolux with FL300L panels. Also displayed in office application

Update 4

Left: Frankfurt Fair & Convention Center – the corridor goes on forever!

Right: Touch dimmable Slope lamp showcases Keuka Module plug and play design.


Update 3

Left: Here is a picture of our new Keuka Module and demonstration lamp.

Right: Just before opening today. Jeff Jackson and Alex Kozub.


Update 2

Left: We just announced an expansion to the Lumiblade product suite with Brite 2 OLED panels. For more information, look at the ‘Products‘ listing on our website or visit our booth!

Right: We also announced the Keuka Module today! Stop by our booth to see!


Update 1: Getting ready!

Putting the OLEDWorks booth together today.

Here are two photos from booth building today.

Hall 4.1, Booth G62